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I. Copyrights

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V. Update of these Terms and Conditions

As our Service improves, the terms and conditions under which we provide the Service is expected to be modified, and we may discontinue the Service previously provided under these terms or additional conditions. Accordingly, by logging on or otherwise accessing to the Service each time, you are entering into a new agreement with us regarding the terms and conditions then applicable, and you agree that we may notify you of additional terms by posting them on the Service (or by any other reasonable ways of notification used in our sole discretion), and by using the Service after such notification, you continue to agree and accept that such additional terms apply to your re-use of the Service and all transactions. You should check the home page frequently, and you agree that the means set forth in this clause represent reasonable means of notification to you. You may reject any new, revised or additional terms by discontinuing your use of the Service and related services.

VI. Governing Law

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