Corporate Culture

Corporate Core Value

Integrity · Accountability · Efficiency
  • 01

    Follow the work ethics
    Observe law and be compliance
    Be honest in conduct
    Never bring shame on or harm the company
    Never encroach on the company’s interests

  • 02

    Remain true to our original aspirations
    Be loyal to duty as masters do
    Be committed to the missions
    Let performances talk
    Drive business transformation and development through innovation

  • 03

    Smart working style
    Simple interpersonal relationships
    Straightforward and efficient organization
    Taking the matter on its merits
    Efficient problem solving

Corporate Spirit

Customer oriented spirit · Fighting spirit · Team Spirit
  • 01
    Customer-Oriented Spirit

    Customer-oriented, put customers first in everything we do;

    Hold fast to customers, win over every target customer and keep all important customers.

  • 02
    Fighting Spirit

    Industrious, thrifty, pragmatic and hard-working;

    Passionate, energetic, and persistent, dare to step out at the critical moments;

    Strong-willed, all-conquering, mission-driven;

    Target (hilltop)-oriented, get the job done no matter how.

  • 03
    Team Spirit

    Share the joy of victories and fight hard to keep from failure;
    Bring forces for cross-departmental support and coordination.