High reliability, wide temperature range, and long-term constant supply are typical requirements for industrial applications. Industrial equipments usually operates in harsh environments exposed to high temperature, vibration, and unstable power supply. XMC continuously provides high-quality and high-performance products that meet these needs.


  • PLC

    Programmable logic controller (PLC) is an integral part of industrial control. Intelligent and unmanned factories rely increasingly on highly sophisticated PLC systems.

  • HMI

    Human-machine interface (HMI) enables human-technology interaction, monitoring and control of various machine applications. Industrial intelligence is driving HMI to a new level of higher integration and better stability.

  • Instrumentation

    Along with continuous improvement of the digitalization and intelligence of instrumentation, a variety of portable instruments are launched one after another, requiring lower power consumption and higher stability of components to adapt to the harsh environments of industrial sites and to get data accurately.