As wired and wireless networks continue to evolve, XMC NOR Flash devices are widely used in communication and networking equipments (STB, switch, router, PON, xDSL, wireless access, and other network infrastructure) to support low latency, high network rate, and efficient power management.


  • Fiber-optic/Wired/Wireless Network Infrastructure

    With the widespread coverage of fiber-optic and mobile communication, the deployment of optical network, wired/wireless network equipments and base stations are progressing with each passing day to meet the demand for massive data transmission.

  • Mobile Phone

    The mobile phone industry is evolving rapidly with more complex functions. AMOLED screens and TDDI require NOR Flash devices.

  • Switch and Router

    As network bandwidth keeps extending, business and household data switching and routing devices are being upgraded with higher-end processors, higher-density storage, and more challenging algorithms to support intelligent data services.