Consumer electronics (wearables, portable multimedia, smart watches, game consoles, toys, video cameras, etc.) require wide voltage, low power consumption and compact packages to support longer battery life, smaller size with lower cost. XMC offers a wide range of NOR Flash devices to help customers reduce cost while shortening time-to-market.


  • Intelligent Voice and Multimedia

    Bluetooth speakers, TWS headsets, OTT, STB, portable media players, etc., create quality audio and video contents while incorporating more AI, voice interaction and other technologies to drive the consumption trend.

  • Toy and Game Console

    Toys and game consoles are more functional and interactive than ever but meanwhile require the storage devices with higher density and faster access speed.

  • Wearables

    Wearable devices integrate various novel technologies such as sensor technology, wireless communication, AI voice recognition, etc., which bring overwhelming innovation to people's life and perception.