武汉新芯是业界技术先进的NOR Flash制造商,为客户提供高性能SPI NOR Flash产品。

Wide Power Range, Wide Temperature

Full voltage range: 1.65V to 3.6V

-40℃ to +125℃ operating range

High Performance Serial Flash (SPI)

Maximum to 166MHz for fast read operation

Continuous Read 8/16/32/64 Byte Burst Wrap

QPI for Reduced Instruction Overhead

Maximum to 200MHz for DTR clock

Support With Most Flexibility

Provide KGD and RDL

UID and other special customized items

XMC SPI NOR Flash产品筛选

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S = Sample, P = Production, UD = Under development

NR = Not Recommended for new designs

EOL = End of Life

* : For further information, please contact Sales_Support@xmcwh.com