Compensation & Benefit
  • 01 Compensation

    Basic Salary

    We offer the competitive compensation among the industry. We carry out industrial compensation research and adjust compensation structure and strategy accordingly each year. In addition, We adopt an adjustable compensation system according to the performance of both employees and the company.

    Allowances vary with different job positions, job category, and performance assessment.
    Performance Bonus
    Bonus will be issued based on jobs by month and season , according to the employee type and performance.
    Project Incentives
    Project incentives are offered in accordance with the company’s policy and reward mechanism.
    Patent Incentives
    Patent Incentives are evaluated comprehensively by employee or team’s patent project.
    Annual Bonus
    Annual Bonus is evaluated by company, department and employee’s performance.
    Recognition and Rewards
    Recognition and rewards will be given in time according to the team work innovation and employee performance achievement.
  • 02 Insurances

    Social Insurance

    We purchase basic social insurance for every employee as local laws and regulations required, including endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, injury insurance, medical insurance and maternity insurance.

    Housing Fund
    We purchase housing fund for every employee as required by local laws and regulations.
    Supplementary Commercial Insurance
    In addition to statutory benefits, we offer competitive supplementary commercial insurance.
    Family Medical Insurance
    According to relevant rules and the supplementary commercial insurance agreement, we have established relations with corporate insurance company, in which employees are able to purchase insurance for their family members on the basis of their needs.
  • 03 Holiday

    Annual Leave

    In addition to the annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave and other legal holidays that are prescribed by national regulations, formal employees enjoy corresponding welfare annual leave.

  • 04 Benefits

    Employee Club & Community

    You will take part in the activities held by Employee Club & Community in your spare time, such as playing badminton, playing football, playing basketball etc. In addition, we organize team building, tours, annual sport meeting and staff meeting regularly.

    Health Care
    We offer employees annual physical examination for free. Besides, we have 24H Health Center.
    Employee Apartment
    In order to facilitate employee’s work and life, we offer internal employee apartment nearby our company. Moreover, external rental channels are available as well.
    Working Meals
    We offer meal subsidy for employees as prescribed by company policy.
    Free Shuttle Bus
    We offer free shuttle bus from living quarter to company and to nearby business district.
    Other Benefits
    Birthday monetary gift, festival gift, medical reimbursement, discounts on grocery etc.