XMC provides 12-inch wafer foundry services to global customers. It focuses on developing advanced specialty processes, including 3D IC technology(3DLink™), specialty flash memory process, and digital & analog process platform. XMC is committed to providing innovative products and world-class services to its global customers.

XMC 3DLink™ is an industry's leading 3D IC technology platform which enables direct bonding of multiple wafers or wafers to chips in a vertical direction utilizing semiconductor nanoscale-interconnection technology. This platform includes three technology categories, two-wafer stacking technology (S-stacking®), multi-wafer stacking technology (M-stacking®) and heterogeneous integration technology (Hi-stacking®). In addition to significantly reducing chip size and achieving wafer-level interconnection, XMC 3DLink™ technology can improve chip performance with faster I/O speed, higher bandwidth, lower latency and lower power consumption, providing a powerful turnkey solution for chips of sensor, in-storage computing, high-speed computing and HBM, etc.

XMC, one of the world’s leading NOR Flash wafer manufacturers, has more than ten years of 300mm manufacturing experience, providing high-performance NOR Flash technologies from 65nm to 45nm.

XMC digital & analog process platform enables flexible device combinations such as mixed signals, RF, embedded flash, etc., providing customers with highly flexible and cost-effective solutions in applications such as logic, RF, PMIC, MCU and Pixel(CIS, ToF), etc.

XMC has built up two 300mm fabs, each with a capacity of over 30,000 wafers/month. Equipped with full 300mm wafer manufacturing equipments, the manufacturing quality standard of XMC’s two fabs meet the automotive quality management system(IATF16949).