XMC provides a "dual career development pathway" with management and technical/professional emphasis to achieve the win-win situation of the enterprise growth and individual career development.

Development Channel

Training System

XMC has set up a systematic training system, providing a variety of training and development opportunities to help our employees to maximize their potential and unlimited career development opportunities.
  • New Orientations/Training for Fresh Graduates

    3-14 days of full day training to help new employees quickly integrate into the company and improve their ability for the business; and to help the fresh graduates efficiently transfer from campus to professional roles.

  • Technical Professional Training

    Technical experts from well-known institutions or first-class universities at home or abroad will be invited to give lectures; Authoritative doctors and business experts in the company share their technology views and skills.

  • Employees Post Competency Training

    According to the requirements of post competency, provide targeted training for different types of employees; Enhance the core competitiveness of employees to promote the maximization of management effectiveness and achieve performance targets.

  • On Job Training

    Provide mentors tutoring for Production-related employees to help them quickly fill their positions and improve their skills, so that the company and employees can better achieve the goal of common growth at present and in the future.

  • Management Skill Training

    From self-management to people management, from team management to performance management and systematic management training, these courses are provided to improve the overall management ability of managers and build a high-performance team.

  • Degree in Further Education

    Assist the employees grow together with the company, according to the company's business strategy, Encourage and support the employees to carry out on-the-job education related to the post, including doctor's degree, master's degree, etc., to improve the comprehensive quality of the employees.

Sharing & Learning
XMC encourages employees to be innovative and willing to share. Technology sharing workshop and special seminars are organized regularly. Employees are encouraged to introduce advanced and leading ideas and tools into the company; and they are motivated to keep learning, to pursue changes and to lead the revolution of the era. Internal communication channels are set up, suggestions for improvement are always welcomed; and we are ready to accept challenges at any time.