Value-added Services

Mask Service

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Outsourcing Services

  • Outsourcing Service

    XMC provides professional back-end supply chain management and other outsourcing services, covering wafer testing, packaging and final-testing, and has entered into strategic partnerships with many domestic and international testing companies to provide customers with efficient one-stop manufacturing services.

    XMC's outsourcing services help customers reduce costs and improve efficiency by selecting professional and efficient vendors.

  • Wafer Testing

    XMC has rich experience in Flash wafer testing with advanced testing equipment, offering 300mm Flash wafer-testing service for customers.

    XMC chip-testing service covers not only mass-production testing but also engineering testing, test program development, failure analysis, reliability testing and other testing solutions.

  • Packaging and Finished Product Testing

    XMC provides comprehensive packaging and finished product testing outsourcing services that cater to customer needs. Our domestic and international suppliers enable customers to shorten the supply chain and to speed up the manufacturing process.

    We provide efficient customs clearance service so that raw materials and finished products can be transported in such manner that meets customer and market requirements.

Design Support

  • Design Service

    XMC Design Service provides customers with process design kits and a range of IPs and libraries to enable commercialization of their designs.

  • IP and Library

    XMC Design Service is specialized in developing high-performance in-house IPs/embedded flash/libraries and also working with IP vendors to build a variety of libraries/IPs to help customers bring their products to market quickly and cost effectively.

  • Design Solutions

    XMC collaborates with EDA tool vendors to help customers solve problems in their design flow, including IPs and libraries usage, back-end support, full-custom circuit design, etc.

  • Reliability

    XMC has built the reliability assurance system to guarantee the reliability of customers’ products and meet company requirements: develop advanced reliability test methodology and qualify the new technology; set up process reliability baseline during small scale production; constantly monitor reliability performance during mass production phase; and evaluate the reliability performance for FECP and MRB cases.