• XMC offers comprehensive 300mm foundry service to worldwide customers on proven technologies, focusing on R&D and manufacturing of NOR Flash and wafer-level XtackingTM technologies.
  • In NOR Flash industry, XMC has accumulated more than ten years of manufacturing experience and is one of the leading NOR Flash wafer manufacturers in China and the world.
  • XtackingTM technology is world's leading wafer-level 3D IC technology platform which is independently developed by XMC. The CMOS image sensor developed based on this platform combines the advantages of high performance, low power consumption and high integration and is widely used in China's smartphone market.
  • XMC has fully constructed two Fabs with exclusively 300mm fabrication facility and manufacturing quality systems is up through automotive quality standard of IATF16949. The maximum capacity of each Fab is 30000 wafers/month.